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CholesLo was developed by Doctor Sam Robbins to fight the cholesterol and triglyceride problems his parents were experiencing and to protect them from the ravages of statin drugs.

Listen to his story:

A Health Expert's Gift to His Parents Produces
Jaw-Dropping Results

“Both of my parents took statin drugs at different times and each had different problems. My dad ended up with sexual problems and mom tried 2 different statins and just kept having all sorts of problems.” - Dr. Sam Robbins

For Dr. Sam Robbins, the side effects and dangers of the cholesterol-lowering statin drugs became very "up close" and personal. Both of Sam's parents had high cholesterol and were taking cholesterol-lowering drugs. And the side-effects were making their lives miserable.

Why couldn't the health expert in the family make it all stop and go away?

Can you feel how he must have felt, watching his parents struggle with side effects from medicine that was supposed to make them feel better?

Dr. Robbins rose to the challenge. He made it his mission to find out exactly how to get rid of his parents choles- terol problems, but do it safely.

Sam’s objectives were clear. The new remedy must:

Reduce cholesterol fast. (Sam's parents are not patient by nature.)

Have no negative side effects (He would never hear the end of it, especially from mom.)

Improve the health of his parents’ livers and hearts (if the heart and liver aren't healthier,
it defeats the whole purpose of lowering cholesterol.)

After an incredible amount of research and consultation with other experts, Dr. Robbins came up with what he believed to be the answer for his parents.

He had re-discovered several different natural ingredients that improve heart health, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides. Most of these ingredients had other additional benefits to boot.

To his surprise, all had been tested and proven to be both safe and effective for decades and even centuries in other countries.

Sam purchased everything himself to make sure he got the most potent version of each ingredient. A cheaper version, like the root form instead of the more potent extract for example, wouldn't have worked.

So finally the day came that Dr. Robbins had worked so hard for. Sam stepped inside his parents’ door and laid out an assortment of bottles on the kitchen table.

“When I went back to them and told them what to take, they both looked me dead in the eye with this 'are you crazy' expression. Shoot, I'm not taking this many pills' is what my dad told me”. - Dr. Sam Robbins

Back to the drawing board…

The challenge was to take all the ingredients he had already researched and wanted his parents to take ... and make it more convenient for them to take… one or two pills instead of a whole handful.

Dr. Robbins was able to produce an "all-in-one" supplement based on the long list of ingredients he had hand- picked for his parents.

This "all-in-one" is known today as CholesLo™.

It not only exceeds his initial goals, it also improved the overall good health of his parents.

Similar significant and quick results are occurring over and over with people who simply take CholesLo™ on a regular basis.

In fact, many users are embarrassed to admit that they didn't take it like they should and didn't change anything else in their diet. And it still worked beyond their expectations.

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