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Is the HDL LDL Ratio a Meaningless Stat or Accurate Predictor of Heart Problems?

There is a lot of confusion and chaos when it comes to looking at and evaluating cholesterol numbers.

“My tests show my total cholesterol is over 200 and my doctor wants me to get it down.”

“My doctor says my LDL is too high and needs to be below 100.”

“All I know is that I should increase HDL and lower my LDL.”

So which stat is the most important indicator and predictor of a heart attack or stroke?

Is it your total cholesterol? Is it your LDL? Or is your guess that the “good” cholesterol HDL is the best indicator?

Believe it or not, the answer is really … none of the above. And yet, all of the above.

Let me explain...

While too much LDL will put you at risk and too little HDL is not good either, it’s the relationship between the two that tells a better story of whether or not you’re at a higher risk of heart and cardiovascular problems.

The key stat? It’s your HDL LDL ratio.

Here’s what you need to know...

The more HDL you have, the more LDL you can get away with and be okay. The lower your HDL, the less room you have for error when it comes to the bad LDL.

You can easily calculate your HDL ratio by taking the raw HDL number and dividing it by your LDL number. So let’s say your HDL is 50 mg/dl and your LDL is 150 mg, your HDL/LDL ratio would be .33 (50 / 150)

A minimum target is .3, but you should try to get to at least .4 HDL ratio to show a significant reduction in your heart disease risk.

So you can see how having higher HDL affects how much LDL you can have and still be “okay” with your heart risk. If your HDL is only 30, your LDL should be no higher than 100 and ideally, no higher than 75. Get your HDL up to 60, and your LDL can be as high as 150 and you’ll still be in the target .4 range.

Most people find it’s easier to adjust their LDL number down than it is to increase HDL.

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